Our Organizing Whiz Judit

 We’re so happy to introduce our Organizing Whiz Judit. 


Tell us a little about your background. How long have you lived in America, where are you from and where else have you lived?

I was born in Transylvania, Romania and moved to Hungary with my family when I was thirteen years old. In Hungary I went to school, met my husband at age 19 and had my daughter at age of 22 years old. However, 8 years ago my partner and I decided to start a new life and moved to a famous village called Lofthus in Norway. After 3 three years passed living in the Scandinavian country, my family and I looked for new opportunities and challenges to overcome and therefore  decided to live the what so called “American Dream” in the Big Apple. It has been 5 years living in New York City where I found myself and my dream career at the Wizard of Homes as organizer and continue to grow and develop in the work field.

Were you an organized person as a child?

Honestly, as a child I focused more on being neat rather than organizing since my mother used to clean the house several times a week. On the other hand, my mother was not only neat but an organized woman who not only systematized her closet, cabinets, and supplies but her family life also. I always looked up to my mother and her profession in living her life systematically, thoughtfully and keeping the family together that it gave me motivation to follow her steps, to become a similar person and start to organize not only my things but my life also. My mother is an absolute role model for me and gave me the inspiration to do what I am doing today.


What do you like the most about being a professional organizer?

What I like the most about my job is helping people putting both their things and life in order and into a system. Living a life consciously which has a well worked system is essential to get through the busy every day life, especially in a city like New York. I have realized that when I am doing the organizing service, people see to be relieved that someone helped them to develop a system in their lives which makes their “rushy” life a bit easier. Since in New York we tend to be occupied with work, school, family and other activities, we may forget about our surroundings and it can easily get messy without even realizing it. Organizing our life around a well-planned system makes our life more pleasant and simple. That is the best part of my job, helping my clients to have a better developed, systematic and simple life even when life gets messy.


Do you bring the necessary supplies, or do I purchase them separately?

Both! I often have consultation with my clients before starting a project to see what are some of the essential supplies needed and what items could be eliminated during my visit. If I see that my client has the necessary equipment for the service they request, I work with the already purchased items. On the other hand, if I see that some things are still needed for the service I either suggest my clients some of the items, or I bring the what’s needed. I often suggest a consultation to my clients, to discuss what the he/she expects from my service and what items could be used or should be purchased in order to keep the service systematic and professional.

Do you make arrangements to take away any donations, consignments, and trash?


For sure! I am a huge believer and supporter to donate to people in need. I often recommend to my clients too eliminate things that are unnecessary from their living space at least twice a year. It is a great opportunity to find items that was previously lost in the home, to have an opportunity to see what is still needed around the house and what are not, to put things in order and also see what does your items and surrounding say about you. Donation, taking away trash and consignments helps not only my clients to get some more space and refresh their home but other who would appreciate the donated items.


 Could you help with a moving process too?

Absolutely! Moving to a new place can be quite exciting but also exhausting and could create mess in our lives. Believe me I know, I started anew and moved several times during my life which caused complications and confusion about where to start with the new beginnings. Having to reorganize my life I have become better to put things in order and make the moving process more pleasurable and fast paced. I am here to help creating a system and put things in order during the moving process to save stressful situations, to settle in faster, make your new home feel cozy, and to pick up your life from where you left of.


What do I prepare for our visit?

There are few things that I believe is helpful for my service in order to fulfill my clients’ standards. One of the important things includes preparing questions about my service in order to avoid any confusion. Another helpful thing is to have some ideas about what the client expects from the service and what things need to be organized. In addition, having some supplies for the needed organizing area is also a plus to get started with a project.


Do you offer “training” for me so that I’ll know to keep things organized on my own?

Yes, I often offer training during my visit if my clients request it. Often, if my clients want to know a bit more about how to keep their items and living space organized and put together, we do many of the putting aways and systematize together in order to visualize the process. When the clients observe and watch the process of my service, they can learn some tricks that would help them keep their things put together in the long run. Furthermore, a good communication with my clients during the service is always a good base to show what are my personal tips and what the clients also expects and suggests to me as an organizer.  


Do you work with hoarders? How would you handle someone with too much stuff and no space to keep it all?


I have worked with all kinds of  situations during my career. If someone has many items and mess in their living space the service is a longer process to create an organized environments for the client. First of all which is the most important step is for the client to realize and admit they have a problem and they need help. This is mentally a very hard project for them too, to learn to let go of the things they’ve told themselves they NEED for all these years. There have been cases when clients need to get professional help with the mental aspect first before working with me.

After that, we will go through the clients’ things together and eliminate the needless items, and throw them away, give them up for donation, or put them into a storage. After this step is accomplished the fun part can start, and we can only work with the needed supplies that is essential for the client.


What about students who live on their own first time? Can you help them get organized and teach them to stay organized?

Absolutely! It is always fun to work with students who start their life on their own for the first time. The reason why I like to work with students is due to their young spirit, open mind, and curiosity. In my opinion, they are the easiest clients to teach them basically anything.


Why did you choose organizing as your career?


The reason why I choose organizing as my career has several points. Most importantly I love to work and be surrounded by people. I also enjoy helping people when they need my profession and they need an extra hand to get through some messiness. Furthermore, I can also persuade  my creativity in the work field which is an important part of my job since it is a form of a self-expression.


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