About Kadi

Kadi Dulude is the founder and CEO of Wizard of Homes, an exceptional company that specializes in home cleaning services for Manhattan homes and boasts a reputation for being one of New York’s most trusted and reliable home cleaning services.

In January 2009, Kadi flexed her entrepreneur spirit to bring WoH to Manhattan giving busy new-yorkers  a reliable, professional, flexible and affordable solution for good home maintenance.

As a young girl, Kadi had always dreamt of living in America and at the age of 19 she got her shot and left Estonia with one red suitcase and a fiery determination to have her own slice of the American dream.

During her early years in the US, Kadi wasted no time in combining the will to work hard and the knowledge and experience gained from working for her parent’s businesses in Estonia into action. She noticed the long hours many Americans spent at work and coupled with their commitments to their family and friends couldn’t imagine how they had the time or the desire to handle the mundane task of cleaning.

Now, just over 10 years on Kadi finds herself a business owner to her own Manhattan company, with a strong and valuable team of around 100 trained professional housekeepers.

With the continually growing success of WoH, Kadi commits herself to the administrative aspects of business and also makes time for her wonderful two children and occasionally enjoy the pleasures of dabbling in arts or DIY projects.

Her motto in life is: “They say you can’t have it all but don’t let that stop you from trying”

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