The Beginning

I finally took the big step and got all the things running. I started my own cleaning business. This whole thing has been in works for as long as I can remember.

The first sign to this was when I was 7 years old. The way I always loved to clean my grandmother’s house or whoever’s house I was at.
My mother couldn’t believe this: “I wish she would clean her own house like that too!”
And yes, I didn’t clean my own house. At some point I had a pile of clothes as high as my bed. I guess it has always been boring for me to clean my own house.
Luckily by now I have mastered the self-control to clean my own house too, like once a month (joke, I make myself clean it once a week).
When I moved to New York, I was having hard time finding a job. I was fresh out of high school (graduated in Estonia) and I had one year “experience” as a live-in babysitter.
I knew I couldn’t do that anymore or otherwise I will never want to have children on my own. I did some research, designed some brochures (but never printed them) and was going to start a cleaning business. But I ended up starting a flooring business with my then-boyfriend Kris. You should’ve seen me buffing the floors! I was quite a sight with my 5’9″ tall-ness, 125 pounds and blond hair. One time, when refinishing Nicole Miller’s showroom floors, I was looking for something in the back and someone said: “What are you doing here? Models are supposed to be in the fitting now!”  she apologized when she realized I’m just a dust-covered flooring chick 😀
After that I was a real estate agent, model, actress and a brand ambassador for several companies. None of these brought in steady income so I tried again with the cleaning business. This time I actually made a website and ordered business cards. Even went from building-to-building on Manhattan, giving out the cards. We were going to be called “Maid in Manhattan”.
But at the same time, I got really into another company that I was promoting that time and I ended up working full time for them  (I will always love GURU Energy for the experience they gave me).
But they soon finished their activity in NYC so I was out of a job again. This time I was ready to give my 100% to get this business running.
I have designed posters, business cards, fliers and website. With my best friend by my side we’ve been walking around countless hours giving out flyers and I’ve been using my online marketing skills (thank you again GURU) to establish our web presence.
And I’m happy to say that we have found clients that are super-happy with us.
Good luck to us, let’s hope we’ll make it this time!!!

wizard of homes

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We are from Europe, from a beautiful little country called Estonia .

We were raised with strict principals and beliefs. Hard work and quality have always been honored,-these are also the main keywords in our business.

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