Month: April 2020

How to Clean Your Microwave, Because You’re *That* Bored

Article in Cosmopolitan, by Kara Cuzzone. It’s official: After who’s-even-counting-anymore days in quarantine, legit nothing excites me anymore. Baking five loaves of banana bread? Been there. Tie-dying every loungewear set I own? Done that. Watching more hours of Netflix than I previously thought was humanly possible? You don’t even wanna know how many times Netflix has asked me…

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Spring Clean checklist

ROOM BY ROOM, HERE’S WHAT THE EXPERTS WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT GIVING YOUR SPACE A REFRESH.By JEN ANDERSONAPRIL 6, 2020 Article in BestLife As many of us are spending more and more time at home, the tradition of spring cleaning is taking on a new meaning. The seasons are changing, the weather has warmed up, the energy…

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Steam Clean and disinfect your home after the virus $100/hr Your Wizard comes in wearing protective gear and starts out by spraying your home’s/office’s high-touch surfaces with 70% alcohol. We let that dry out on it’s own to give it time to be more effective. Next he/she vacuums and steam cleans every possible surface in…