How to treat your Cleaner


Luckily, for most people this is a simple question and they know the answer:”With Respect”.  I experienced it myself when I was a cleaner and I hear heartwarming stories from our cleaners. There’s a lot of beautiful, kind people in New York and we are so happy to have been chosen to work for them.

*Respect your Cleaner by picking up clutter before they arrive (unless you’ve added on organizing service).


Please don’t leave used feminine products, condoms, vibrators, drugs and other highly personal items laying around. Because…I mean…just don’t.


*Respect your Cleaner by getting dressed before he/she arrives.

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Even if you’ve worked out A LOT and want to show off your hot bod. It’s just very uncomfortable for your Cleaner.

*Respect by not forgetting about your appointment, don’t send them away or lock them out.


Your Cleaner  relies on their daily earnings. We always do our best to find a new client at the event of late cancellation or lockout but sometimes we are not able to find anyone and they lose out on full or half-day pay. In this case we have to charge a $70 late cancellation fee or a full cleaning fee.

*Respect by paying your Cleaner.

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Again, back to them relying on getting paid for their work.  Our policy is for the payment to be made the morning of your cleaning. It is up to your Cleaner to decide if they risk cleaning your home without getting paid first.

*Respect by not talking down to them.


They are people. Just like you are. Don’t treat them like a machine that has no feelings.

*Respect by tipping them if you like their work.

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Tip is not included in our rates. It’s also not required or expected. It’s just appreciated. If you don’t tip all the cleaners that come to your home then I advise tipping the cleaner who’s work you truly appreciate. You can send tip via venmo after you’ve seen the results of their work.

*Respect by giving them space to work.


Don’t schedule a cleaning on a day when your whole family is home. If you’re home during the clean, stay  in a room that we are not working in. Definitely do not come into the kitchen to make lunch while kitchen is being cleaned and please don’t ask us to stop cleaning the bathroom mid way through so you can take a long shower. Don’t come pointing out things that you’re not happy with until we are finished with that room. We really appreciate you checking our work so that we can re-clean and make things right but having you standing right there all day is very stressful.

That’s just about it. If it’s too much information to keep in  mind then try to just remember to make your cleaner feel as comfortable and appreciated as possible. This way the results of your clean will be much better, your cleaner will not rush to get out of there and he/she will be glad to work with you again should you request us (and yes, they do get to choose who they work with).









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