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Vapor Steam Clean

Wizards now offer Vapor Steam cleaning that can be booked as a separate service or added on to a cleaning appointment. Your rate would be $200 and it includes about 3-4 hours of vacuuming and steaming your rugs, mattresses, couches, toys, drapery etc. What is Vapor steam anyway? Vapor steam cleaners are cleaning appliances that…

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Vacuum Cleaners we recommend

New Yorkers seem to have two big issues when it comes to vacuum cleaners: 1. PRICE (because there’s so many better things to do with your money when you live in NYC!). 2. SPACE. There is no space for a bulky vacuum cleaner. Here is a list of our favorite vacuum cleaners that don’t take…

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Smelly Kitchen Tips

Unless you’re an absolute clean-freak or you don’t keep food in your kitchen, you are bound to have some smelly situations from time-to-time. Here are a few tricks we’ve found do wonders with all kinds of stinks: *Stinky Sink- What makes it smelly is the food scraps in the garbage disposer or pipes. First clean…

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