Importance of move-in+out cleaning.

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Moving is stressful enough as it is. So, when people hear that they need to have both their old and their new home deep-cleaned, they don’t feel too happy. After all, why should they clean their home in the first place? They already have to worry about packing, travel expenses, and the safe transfer of their belongings.

Well, any mover will tell you that cleaning is not only a good idea, but it’s also an essential part of moving. Nancy Zafrani, the founder of a leading NYC moving company Oz Moving, stresses that it’s vital not only to clean your home, but also to wipe all of the boxes and furniture once the movers leave them in your new place of residence. You should keep everything spotless, both before and after the move.

If you need a bit of convincing on why you should go through all of that effort, we’re here to help. In this article, we list the most important reasons behind doing a deep clean of both your old and your new home, as you’re going through the moving process. 

Cleaning Before the Move

Common Courtesy

Imagine moving into a new apartment only to find it incredibly filthy, with even a few unwanted critters here and there. And no, we are not exaggerating, that actually does happen. It’s not a great experience, to put it mildly, so much so that it makes you question your decision to buy a new apartment in the first place. It also makes you wonder what the previous owners were like, and if it was really worth it to buy such a run-down home.

Of course, finding something like that in your new house or apartment is a bit extreme. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t clean their homes. Not only does it look bad on their end, but it can make a perfectly good-looking home appear decrepit and not worth the price. With all of that in mind, put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer. Would you want to buy a house and find it looking like a local landfill? Obviously, the answer to that should be a resounding No. 

As a seller, you should be as accommodating to your buyer as possible. Cleaning your home before you move out is just a bit of common courtesy. And in the grand scheme of things, it’s not even that difficult. All it takes is a bit of planning. For example, the second you put your house on the market and find a person willing to buy, keep your home clean and tidy every day. In fact, do it as you’re packing your things, i.e. clean each room as you empty it. That way, your home will be relatively clean on moving day, so you can do one final sweep before you get into the truck and head off. 

Making a Clean Transition

Moving is not just a process of shifting from one home to the next. It has its own psychological and emotional impact on a person. And yes, that applies to both local and long-distance moves, regardless if you’re a well-adjusted adult or an insecure child. It’s a transition, and your goal, as is the case with all other types of transition, is to make it as smooth as possible.

Imagine if you left your home in a decrepit, unclean state. It might seem like nothing at first. But think of it this way: this was your home for a sizable chunk of your life. It’s where you spent your happy moments, as well as your difficult ones. It’s where your family and friends hung out from time to time. Moreover, it’s a place that was your refuge from the daily grind of the outside world. Do you really want to leave it in such a state? 

By having your former home cleaned, you gain a sense of closure. This might no longer be your home, but it will be to someone else. As such, it should look its very best before the new furniture comes in. By leaving your old home clean, you can move on with your life with a clean slate. 

Cleaning After the Move

Keeping Your Health

As stated earlier, moving into a clean home is definitely the way to go. However, even if your new house’s previous owner left it spotless, you should still have the apartment cleaned. Naturally, you can do it yourself, since you will be saving money, but you will be tired from the move. Therefore, it might be a better idea to hire a professional service beforehand to do the job for you.

Cleaning companies know about the stresses of moving. They also know which areas of your new home the previous owner might have skipped. By giving your home a deep clean, they can remove any mold, grime, dirt, and dust, which can negatively affect your health. 

Zero Pests or Clogs

Picture this: you come into your new home, unpack, unwind, and when you go to grab a bite to eat, you see that the floor hasn’t been cleaned in a while and there are some bugs there. Or, you go to take a shower to relax after your stressful move, only to find out that your shower drain is clogged and the water doesn’t go. You have two problems that demand extra expenses.

That’s why it’s crucial to get your new home cleaned before you move in. A decent pest proofing job and contacting a plumbing service beforehand can be a lifesaver for any freshly-moved individual. 

Peace of Mind

How do you feel when walking into a nice, clean room, with fresh air, fluffed pillows, and not a speck of dust anywhere? Well, you would feel serene, safe, and relaxed, ready to unwind after a long day. That feeling is amplified a hundredfold after a long, difficult move. Once you unpack, get your furniture in order, and set your new life up, you need only sit on a sofa and take in the moment. A clean home will do wonders for your mind after something as stressful as moving. Talk about a great way to start a new life in a brand new environment. 

Final Thoughts

Cleaning, especially cleaning before and after the move, can seem like a bit of a drag. In fact, it can be tiring just to think about it. But if you do it right and if you do it on time, you will start that new chapter in your life renewed and full of energy, which can be a powerful thing. 

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