Tips for maintaining a clean storage unit.

Article by Sophia Perry with AZ Moving Pros

If you have ever moved to another house or you just had no space for all of your belongings, you
probably know that renting a storage unit is a great solution to keep your belongings safe and
secure. However, after years of using the unit, your things will be covered with dust and some of
them will get out of date. That’s why it would be advisable to clean your storage unit regularly,
even though it can be a daunting task. Here, we are giving you some simple tips for maintaining
a clean storage unit in NYC.

Clean your storage unit from day one
If you haven’t cleaned your storage unit regularly, it is probably due for deep cleaning. Cleaning
storage units in NYC can be exhausting, and hiring professional cleaning services is certainly a
good option. However, when you are prepared well and ahead of time, it won’t be that hard and
you can easily do it yourself.
The process of cleaning a storage facility is similar to cleaning the garage in your home. First,
get big plastic bins and plastic bags where you will dispose of all the trash from your storage
unit. It is very important that you wear gloves while cleaning and as well as comfortable clothes
and shoes. Get rid of the clutter and the stuff that you forgot you have.

Caption: Do a deep cleaning of your storage unit before putting back your belongings

Before you start
with the cleaning, know this:

● You might need more than a day to properly clean the unit, but just remember that
the first step for maintaining a clean storage unit is to properly clean it from the
● It would be helpful to have some friends to help you, so ask for help in advance and make
sure you have some extra muscle
● Be aware that cleaning sentimental items can be an overwhelming and stressful process,
so don’t be surprised if you become emotional

Make a list of all of your belongings
Let’s face it – no one can name all the items that they have placed in their storage unit. Therefore,
after deep cleaning, you will have to create an inventory list of all the items that you have stored
there. Before packing the items, write each of them down on a piece of paper or on your phone’s note app. This way, you will keep track of the items you have stored and you will always know where your belongings are.

Use plastic storage bins
Everybody likes storage units that are safe and affordable, but you also want to keep the content
of your storage unit clean and safe. That’s why, instead of cardboard boxes, it is better to use
plastic bins. With plastic boxes, your items will be well secured from changes in weather and
temperature. Plus, it would be much easier for you to maintain a clean storage unit and to keep
track of what is inside. If you buy clear plastic bins, you will see their contents without opening
them. Add some shelves to your unit to keep the boxes off the ground, which will also help you
to maintain order in your storage unit.

Caption: Plastic bins will help you organize your storage better

Do not overstuff your storage unit

One of the biggest mistakes that people make after renting a storage unit is placing too many
things inside. An overloaded storage facility can never be cleaned easily. In such a unit, there are
too many items that block pathways and floors, making maintaining order practically impossible.
So, before you start loading items into your storage unit, make sure that the floor is clear of any
clutter and that there are pathways throughout the unit. It would be a good idea to put some
shelving to create extra storage space and use them for storing smaller boxes. Your storage unit
will look much neater and it would be much easier to clean and maintain.

Keep the cleaning supplies in your storage unit

Caption: Keep cleaning supplies in your storage unit

Instead of having to make trips back and forth from your unit in order to get the cleaning product
you need, it would make the process much easier if you keep a box of cleaning supplies in the
unit. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Just keep a mop, a duster, a pack of wet wipes, a
dustpan, a brush, and some old clothes. That should be enough to cover everything you need. If
supplies are at your hand’s reach, you will be more likely to actually use them. That way, any
dirty or dusty spot that you notice can be taken care of immediately.

Maintaining a clean storage unit in NYC is very important and has a lot of advantages. If you
don’t keep your storage unit clean, your belongings can get discolored from the dust. If there are
any leaks or spills in the storage unit, it can result in mold on the walls and your items. The mold
can attract pests which can further damage your items. Plus, they may spread to the neighboring
storage units and cause trouble to other people too. That’s why it is extremely important that you
maintain your storage unit in good condition. Hopefully, our tips have helped you understand the
basics and now you can tailor the cleaning process to your specific needs.

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