COVID-19 precautions

Here are different COVID-19 precautions that we have available for you to choose from. Just let us know what level works best for you and always feel free to let us know if there is any other steps that you’d like to be taken to feel safe.

We encourage you to email/text us any special requests or instructions for your Wizard ahead of time to avoid having to communicate with your Wizard directly on cleaning day. This way we can all follow social distancing rules.


All Wizards are required to follow Level 1 precautions.

*Do not go to work if not feeling 100% well.

*Wear a mask when entering the building

*Never wear outdoor shoes inside.

*Wash hands and change into fresh clothes before each client.

*Use disinfectant products while cleaning.


*All the Level 1 precautions + wear the mask while cleaning too. Mask is allowed to be taken off to drink water.


*Level 1+2 restrictions + also wear gloves while cleaning.


*All of the above + your very specific requirements.

Most of us are wearing a mask and gloves in public.

Getting around. When out in public then we try to avoid using public transportation. Did we email you with day’s notice to switch around your scheduled cleaning day/time? It’s likely because your Wizard happens to be in your area that day+time and we’d rather send her/him to you than have her/him take a bus across town the next day. This way we’re only in public transportation in the morning and evening. Transportation is so empty right now that we can absolutely follow strict social-distancing rules and not ever have to sit or stand too close to someone else. Several of us even avoid buses-subways all together and drive in!

wizard of homes

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We are from Europe, from a beautiful little country called Estonia .

We were raised with strict principals and beliefs. Hard work and quality have always been honored,-these are also the main keywords in our business.

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