NYC Hotel Bucket List

Mountains called and asked me to move in.

Some of you may already know it but a few years back I ended up leaving the beautiful NYC and moved to the mountains of Colorado. Now I’m running Wizard of Homes from the quiet forest at altitude of 9400ft.

While Colorado is lovely, I still adore NYC and come back there every 2-3 months to meet with our wonderful managers and suprise Quality Control checks on our hardworking Wizards.

We try to get together for Happy Hours when I’m back in NYC.

One of my many favorite things about my trips back is that I get to stay in New York’s awesome hotels. I make it a point to stay in a different hotel each time. I get to exprience different neighborhood vibes and get to try out all the local restaurants. It’s awesome.
Since I skipped my last trip in April then I’m now absolutely anxious to be back ASAP. Time to start dreaming of hotels I want to stay in at my next visits! Here are a few that are on my list.

Westgate Resorts in Grand Central is definitely one to try out! Option for suites and balconies are great, I normally try to go for suite and the most spacious room possible. Option for a view is a must for me, I know that now. Looking out the window and seeing just another window is something that does not work well for me.

What I love about Westgate (besides a great location) is that they seem to have wood floors! Carpets in hotel rooms just never seem to be clean enough to walk barefoot. And you know cleanliness will be one of the main things I judge in a hotel. Hope to see you soon Wesgate!


This midtown hotel looks like a fun place to stay.

I always love a hotel with rooftop hangouts, especially when I visit in summer months. And look how colorful and artsy everythng is!

MOXY NYC (Chelsea)

Moxy has several boutique hotels around NYC.

And. I. Want. To. Stay. In. Them. All!!!!

Looks like they have cool views and interior is simple, rustic and close to nature. Calming and homey place to go after a long day running around NYC.

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We are from Europe, from a beautiful little country called Estonia .

We were raised with strict principals and beliefs. Hard work and quality have always been honored,-these are also the main keywords in our business.

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