The new reality

Not a lot of people can say that they saw this coming. We did not. We were not prepared to shut down, sit home with no pay or work. We do not know how to sit tight and wait for things to get better.

Luckily, we’re still allowed to keep cleaning, as long as there are homes to be cleaned! We had to research and adjust to the new reality. To the new way of doing things and getting around. We had to learn how to clean with gloves and mask on. We had to stock up on isopropyl alcohol and face masks. Scramble to find last places that still sold disinfecting wipes and bleach. We just had to, it is our business to be ready to clean the way the situation requires.

We took our time to research and ask the questions: Can we keep on working during the outbreak? Is there a chance we spread the virus if we go on? How can we be beneficial in helping stop the virus? How can we travel around city without the risk of spreading it? Is it ethical we keep working or is it crucial we do so? Can New Yorkers disinfect their own homes?

And now we really feel that we have figured it out!

Most of us are wearing a mask and gloves in public. Then switching to a fresh pair before starting work in your home.

Getting around. When out in public then we try to avoid using public transportation. Did we email you with day’s notice to switch around your scheduled cleaning day/time? It’s likely because your Wizard happens to be in your area that day+time and we’d rather send her/him to you than have her/him take a bus across town the next day. This way we’re only in public transportation in the morning and evening. Transportation is so empty right now that we can absolutely follow strict social-distancing rules and not ever have to sit or stand too close to someone else. Several of us even avoid buses-subways all together and drive in!

Subways are empty!

While in client’s homes. We usually carry disinfectant wipes with us so that we can take off the used disposable gloves, quickly wipe clean our hands and then enter your home. We take off our shoes and head to the bathroom to change out of street clothes and into freshly laundered work clothes. Yes, that means carrying 2 sets of fresh clothes if we have 2 clients a day! We then proceed to thoroughly wash our hands with soap and hot water. We will get to work to do our usual basic/deep clean tasks but we spend a lot of extra time looking out and disinfecting the hot-touch areas of your home. We do this job for a living so we have an eye for these things! Door knobs, computer mouse, tv remote, trash can…you touch it, we disinfect it! We will also practice social distancing in your home. No, cleaning was never a social gathering and we have always asked clients to stay in a room that is currently not being cleaned but now we are very vigilant about it. There is no time for a casual chat anymore. All that can wait, we have a job to do and a virus to kill.

Sidenote: we only have around 20 Wizards who still go out. Everyone else is safely self-isolating with their families right now.

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We are from Europe, from a beautiful little country called Estonia .

We were raised with strict principals and beliefs. Hard work and quality have always been honored,-these are also the main keywords in our business.

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