Coronavirus: now is the time to clean your home as often as you possibly can

It’s clear that Coronavirus is spreading quickly and drastic measures have to be taken. This is the time to deep clean your home weekly, disinfect daily.

By now we know that the virus spreads through close contact person-to person and also through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. If you take good care to wash your hands (or even wear disposable gloves when out in public) and not touch your face (gloves and a mask would be a good reminder to keep from touching your face) then you’re already taking great steps to keep yourself safe.

This is definitely the time to treat your home as a holy ground, your place to retreat to after a long day out in the world.

Here’s what we recommend to keep your home a safe place:

Deep clean or steam clean your home to get a fresh start. Incubation period of coronavirus is 5 days but you might not even get any symptoms until 10 days. Thoroughly clean your home now to make sure there is no virus in your home.

Pay attention to the front door knob and then all the other “high-touch” areas of your home: counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones and keyboards. Disinfect everything you possibly can. Take out trash (disinfect trash bins!), wash all dirty laundry (including sheets and towels), do the dishes. Be sure to wash dish cloths as well.

From now on (until Corona is all cleared) assume that everything you touch outside of your home is infected.

Get into a habit of disinfecting the front door knob of your home after you’ve touched it and opened it for yourself. Always take off your shoes and leave them at the door (behind the door if possible). Then go straight into your bathroom (keep the bathroom door open so you don’t have to touch it) wash your hands with soap and hot water. Then disinfect the bathroom faucet and wash your hands again before turning off water.

Next step will be to change into clean clothes (remember to wash your hands after doing laundry).

And now you’re home, you have arrived into your safe place. Keep cleaning your home every week just to be safe. If you do need to have visitors in your home, be sure that they follow the same steps described here.

Your cleaning crew with Wizard of Homes follows these steps too so when you hire us, you can be sure that we value your health and it is very important for us to clean your home in a respectful manner and leave it cleaner than ever before. This is not the time to cancel your cleans, this is the time to get your home cleaned more often than before.

Stay healthy, my friend!

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