Bathroom Facelift

New Bathroom
New Bathroom1New Ceiling Lamp Bathroom Facelift is complete! We started out with just a quick coat of paint on tile walls just to freshen things up…But when we started painting then one thing lead to another and results are here!
Specially ordered artwork of Randy’s favorite band Phish and rustic frames completed the look
I bought the base of this shelf for $7 on an online estate auction. The top of the shelf: we had a hunk of this maple wood left over from when we built the dining table so Randy made it into this beautiful shelf
The Artwork on shelf : My father made it when he was here, out of the roots of a tree he cut down on our property. We cherish this piece and always remember how he spent hours and hours working on it, not explaining what he’s doing. When done he held it up and said (with heavy Estonian accent): “Look, New Yooork!”
We decided to keep the original medicine cabinet. I will probably get a new mirror and light fixtures when I find the perfect match. But for now we just changed out the  bulbs with these awesome old-timey bulbs that are everywhere these days. My new obsession: Edison Bulbs
Of course here’s the centerpiece. We bought a dresser from plus the vessel and faucet. And so our new vanity was born.
Another Phish-Themed artwork we love so much.
I must say that the color of the walls is really not what we would have went with if we knew what we’re in for. I had bought this paint for bedroom accent wall. We had decided not to paint the bedroom at all and since you can’t take back the paint that you had them mix, I decided to paint the bathroom instead…thinking it’s an easier project to do than bedroom. Hah!


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