Coca-Cola Cleans your tub!

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This tub was very clogged and that had caused the sides of the tub to have a layer of greasy, dirty soap scum all over it. We had just read an article about using coca-cola for everything else than drinking so we decided to give it a try too!

First I unscrewed the drain and scraped out some stray hairs to help unclog the drain. I then poured half a can of coca cola in the drain. It fizzed up and I was already starting to get worried that now we’ll have to start cleaning coca-cola out of the tub in addition to everything else. But then: the drain was miraculously un-clogged and everything went down!
I poured the rest of the can all over the inside of the tub and scrubbed real lightly: ALL the soap scum came off without the use of any elbow grease!
After rinsing it I did use some oxi-clean on the bottom to get the non-slip surface white (coca cola does not whiten any surfaces, keep that in mind if you drink it and complain that your teeth are yellow).

I am definitely not saying or recommending Wizards should start using coca-cola for cleaning but it’s still a fun little trick to know when dealing with extremely greasy tub or a light clog.

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