The Drawer

Meet The Drawer. It’s been collecting forks, knives, spoons and beer caps. Every time you go looking for something, you’re messing everything up even  more. 3 times out of 10,  a ladle or a spatula positions itself in a way that you can’t close the drawer. Or open it. One time I spent 30 minutes trying to shake and reposition the big spoon that was preventing me to get access to The Drawer. Something had to be done.

I started by totally emptying out the drawer to see what exactly is in there. There was about 6 big spoons, decorative cheese knives that only get used once a year, three basters, wine aerator and about 15 beer caps. These are the things that belong in storage room or in trash. So I got rid of them and only kept the utensils that get used every week or at least once a month.

So here’s your Before and After! As you can see, I found an empty Swiffer Wet Pad box that happened to be perfect those little utensils that you’re always having hard time finding.

There was this set of bamboo spatulas and a beautiful handmade coffee cup. I thought it looked nicer on a counter than hidden away somewhere. Plus it’s even easier to reach for it when they’re out on the counter!


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