What the Dust?

War against Dust Bunnies.

We the Wizards have an ongoing, daily fight against dust. It drives us nuts if after a three-four hour cleaning we go around your home for a last look to make sure everything is a 100% and we see a few dust speckles on your tv stand, end table or kitchen counter. We cleaned there!! We dusted it, we polished it, and here they are again!
So it is only fair to say that we hate those little flying bastards.
Here are some tips that we have learned, that make our war against dust easier:

*Feather Dusters are cute and sexy when you wear them with your French maid outfit. They are no use for actual dusting as they just spread dust around and shed the feathers too so you’re just creating more work for yourself. We do recommend Swiffer Dusters for a quick weekly/daily dusting.

* Stuffed animals, throw pillows and blankets collect dust. Toss them in the dryer for 15 minutes to get rid of dust. If delicate materials, put it on “air fluff” cycle. If you’re looking to kill dust mites, wash and dry with high heat.

* Damp is good!-Use a slightly moist cloth to attract and trap dust. Dry cloth just pushes it around. A little water works fine, even on wood.

*Furniture polish should be used at least once a month. It moisturizes and protects your furniture. Do not spray the furniture directly, spray the polishing cloth. This way you use less product and it’s easier to polish. Make sure you remove all the smeary residue as it attracts more dust!!

*Clean paintbrush whisks dust from pleated lampshades, wood chairs, railings and picture frames. Use your vacuum’s brush attachment  to clean a lamp shade that has not been dusted in a loooooonnngg time.

*Your upholstery is like a luxury hotel for dust mites so unless you want them to move in, take action! Use your vacuum’s fabric attachment on all sides of the cushions as well as on the platform underneath (you’ll find some change, pens and old candies as a reward )

Just a fact: 60% of household dust comes from outside, most significantly from shoes. Don’t wear shoes inside your home. Also, if your window is open all day after our visit and you come home to dusty surfaces, please don’t shoot an angry email and say we missed whole surfaces in your home.

Try this: dust the dusty area and check again in a few hours. There’s a big chance that the dust is back again. Keep your windows tightly closed as much as possible, especially in the spring and fall when there’s pollen in the air. Take a look at your window sills and walls around open windows: if they’re black then keep in mind that this is also the air that you breathe in while in your home.

We do promise to keep fighting and to keep looking for new ways to keep the dust away for good!

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We are from Europe, from a beautiful little country called Estonia .

We were raised with strict principals and beliefs. Hard work and quality have always been honored,-these are also the main keywords in our business.

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