Give a gift of time off!

Giftgiving,-a real hard task that only so few of us have mastered. I happen to be a terrible gift giver. Maybe I am so ignorant that I never take the time to get to know you enough to know what you like or need. Maybe I just have terrible taste (probably the reason!).
Anyway, there’s one gift that you can hardly go wrong with: gift card!

In 2006, gift card was the 2nd most given gift in USA. It was the most wished for gift by women and 3rd most wished for gift by men. Don’t ask what were the two most wished for gifts by men. Probably a sports car and a weekend at a golf resort?

Anyway, Wizard of Homes finally took the big step and started offering the gift cards! So if you know someone in NYC that you don’t know what to get for birthday, anniversary or “just because” then email us at
How it works? Should be easy: you email us and tell us what you know about the apartment that you’re looking to get cleaned. How many bathrooms-bedrooms there are and where it’s located is pretty much all we need to know (You don’t need to know the exact address). Then we will figure out how you will get the gift card and how we get the payment. If you’re local, we can just come to you. If you’re out of the area, you can pay by paypal and we will deliver the gift card to the recipent. We will also gladly include fresh flowers or chocolates with our service to make your gift extra special.



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