Tips and Tricks



Box of homeless items

* Be green-Keep a basket next to your printer for paper that still has one good side. Use that paper to print or cut it into pieces for little notes.
*Nap like a cat– take a powernap. An afternoon nap (no more than 15 minutes) can help relieve stress and give you that little boost to get through the rest of your day.
*Stop the static-Run your hands over a new dryer sheet and then lightly pat down the charged-up fabric
*Put the clutter in a box-Keep a basket or a decorated box in the most cluttered part of your home (hallway, livingroom) and throw the “temporarily homeless” items in there. Every day (ok busy bee, once a week) walk around the house and place these items where they really belong.


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  1. Now this I love!
    Another super trick is to keep and reuse zip lock bags that nuts, seeds, sweets etc come in – they’re 10 times sturdier and lock better than the crappy ones you have to BUY separatly.
    This helps you save money – and it helps America in the fight of nolonger having garbage being it’s no. 1 export. :S

    see my blog for details: (the blog)

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